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Wooden Flooring: Factors that Should Ideally Govern Your Choice

Wooden flooring can turn out to be a great addition to your home –provided you are ready to consider a few factors dictating its installation. There is a plethora of finishes that you can access when it comes to wood flooring. However, that does not really mean that you can pick up anything arbitrarily. Today, we will walk you through the factors that should ideally govern your choice of Wood Flooring London.


Factors to be considered before installing wooden flooring

It is so important to make yourself aware of the different types of wood flooring options made available for you at the first place. The basic options are solid and engineered floors. Solid wood is what we traditionally associate with hardwood flooring- thick planks of wood. Engineered flooring, on the other hand, is a veneer layer which rests on top of plywood (which forms the core of the flooring). Do be informed about the fact Engineered flooring is known to deal with moisture in a tad better way than the other option. Those looking forward to getting slab sub-floors installed should consider this option. So, you should first start off by learning about the common flooring choices you have and of course, their functionalities.


Do consider your lifestyle habits

Yes, it is important because your lifestyle habits determine the degree of use (or abuse) your floor is subjected to. Needless to say, the more it is used, the more it is abused. Homes with pets, a large number of members, frequent visitors must consider installing a harder wood with greater endurance. As far as the finishes are concerned, these homes should consider investing in grain patterns with stains that can well conceal the dents and scratches.


What’s your style: Classic or contemporary?

Besides purpose, your flooring choice should also depend on your personal sense of style. Each and every decor item of your abode should reflect your personality. If you are a fan of contemporary decor, then maple can turn out to be a great choice since it lends a very tidy look to your home. Modern settings also accommodate oak (grey-stained), once again because it renders a very fuss-free look to your house.


Do consider factors like cost and maintenance as well

Let us tell you that it is absolutely incorrect to make generic assumptions as far as the costs of the flooring options are concerned. For instance, people might as well tell you that engineered floors are an expensive option. However, that definitely does not mean the solid flooring is your gateway to budget choices. You might as well find a low-end engineered flooring option costing less than that of solid flooring. Generic oak with different stains might as well end up costing up differently as well. As far as maintenance of wooden flooring is concerned, let us tell you that you need to take a few simple steps to ensure longer life of wooden floors. Regular dusting is necessary. Do invest in yearly sanding as well.


Hope the points mentioned above will guide you in the right fashion.