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Consult a Reputable Wood Floor Specialist to Invest in the Right Hardwood Floor

So you have decided to get hardwood floors for your dream home. But you must know that it is not just as simple as picking up a wood and getting it installed. There are a lot of factors that play a major role in determining the kind of hardwood that would best befit the existing or planned furnishing and decor of your home. Two of the basic options that you have to include are solid wood and engineered wood. An experienced wood floor specialist can help you decide on the kind of floor you should opt for, depending on the construction of your floor.

You need to prepare yourself in several ways before choosing the right hardwood floor for your home. To help you proceed towards smart and informed decisions, here is a list of factors that need to be taken into account:

  • The Place You Intend to Place the Wood: Any floor that is even with the outside ground level is known to be on grade, a floor that is below ground level is what is known to be below grade, and floors that are above the ground level is known to be above grade. Now, the level where you intend to install the hardwood floor will significantly determine your recommended options. For example, the kind of wood you will be using on a second story will certainly differ from the one you will be using in the basement. Again, using solid wood for below grade level is definitely not a wise option because of the possible problems that can arise due to the moisture coming up through the ground. A reliable wood floor specialist can provide an elaborate explanation of your options and limitations.
  • The Kind of Subfloor You Have: The three most common type of subfloors are concrete slab, plywood and particleboard. The one you have in your home determines whether you need to opt for solid wood or engineered wood.


  • Your Lifestyle: Do a research of the market to know about specific kinds of wood and their durability. Then consider the level of abuse your floor will have to withstand over time to decide on the most suitable one. Factors like whether or not you have kids or pets, whether or not you often host large parties at your house or you are a single person who stays away from home most of the time etc., help in determining the kind of wood you should opt for.

Apart from these there are other important factors as well that help in making smart investment decisions. Consult an experienced and reputable wood floor specialist to know the hardwood floor options you have and the one that would best befit your home.